Inspired by the compassionate love of Good Samaritan, Sisters of the Destitute are committed to mould quality professionals to serve the needy with the same spirit.


The faculty of the college of nursing believes in providing nursing education based and built on scientific principles and sound educational theory and practice in order to prepare professionally qualified nurses, who will be able to function as a team members, in all health care agencies in the role of practicing nurse. The graduate with experience can rapidly move into leadership positions in nursing education, nursing service, and administration.

We promote the all-around development of the student with special emphasis on human, moral, psychological, cultural, intellectual, and spiritual aspects which are required to prepare a professional nurse who will be a contributing citizen and an effective “change agent” in an ever-changing society.

Being aware of the pressing need of the profession we are committed to providing post-graduate education to those nurses who have the potential and motivation to become nurse educators, administrators, clinical specialists, and research workers who will be able to contribute toward professional excellence by meeting the issues and challenges confronting the nursing profession today.


  • To instill and develop

    To instill and develop, in the student an aptitude for Nursing and to provide the necessary knowledge and skill, to give comprehensive nursing care to patients and integrated health care to individuals / families and community.

  • To develop the team spirit

    To develop the team spirit of working with other members of health team and community in the promotion of health, prevention of illness, restoration of health and alleviation of suffering.

  • To create in the students an awareness

    To create in the students an awareness of the social and unique nature of each individual and to consider him / her as a person, as a part of a family and as a member of society.

  • To awaken in the students

    To awaken in the students a desire to come to the help of her country today by placing a special emphasis on meeting the health needs of the rural population and to have special concern for the destitute.

  • To develop in the student personal

    To develop in the student personal, professional, leadership qualities and decision making ability in various situations as well as skills in teaching and management.

  • To imbibe in the student

    To imbibe in the student a Christian Orientation in her personal and professional life.

  • To stimulate the desire

    To stimulate the desire for continued learning and there by personal and professional development.

  • To inculcate a desire

    To inculcate a desire for the growth of the profession by active participation in professional organizations.

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